A successful move

Young Expat Services relocates and guides expats with educational support. Finding a local school in the city can be very difficult and complicated so our job is to make sure that the family has a soft landing in the Netherlands. It’s important for us to take away all the hassle of the move for any of your employees coming to the Netherlands.

We have already relocated over 250 children in 2017 and not one family has gone back to their home country.

Research has shown that accompanying spouses & children increases the chances of success. “A fact: A large percentage of expatriate assignments fail because of family adjustment issues”

Testimonial from Booking.com
“YES has relocated over 400 families for Booking.com. They accompanied our new employees & their families from A-Z in finding (local) schools, guided them through the Dutch School System and helped them in the first weeks of settlement in the Netherlands by giving Dutch lessons. This service increases the chances of success of the move. Young Expat Services gives a personal touch to their service and puts the children in the first place and makes sure the family gets a “soft landing”.
– Vera Hoffman Global Mobility Manager Booking.com