About Young Expat Services

Young Expat Services (YES) is specialized in helping families relocate anywhere in the Netherlands. YES can provide the following services:

– Educational consultancy (help with everything concerning education).
– Assistance in finding the right local or international school.
– Dutch lessons for your children.
– Support in integration of the family in Dutch society.

All YES employees are Dutch and lived abroad as a child or later with their own families. So we know the ‘feeling’ of leaving your home country and having to adjust to a new culture. The Dutch education system is our specialism.

In addition to the services above, we offer a camp for Dutch expat children living abroad who want to work on their Dutch in combination with sports during the summer: Expatkamp.

YES is participant in the Expatcenter’s Partnership Programme.


Eline Hausel

Eline Hausel, owner and founder of Young Expat Services, is a Special Needs teacher with more than 14 years of professional experience in working with children with special needs in the Netherlands and abroad. Being an expat herself with her family of 4 children she fully understands the needs of children who have moved to a new country.

Elisabeth Ceulen

Elisabeth Ceulen is a child psychologist, primary school teacher, and mother of three grown-up daughters. She is currently working with children who have learning disabilities or need to learn Dutch as a second language. Elisabeth spent her childhood living abroad. She experienced first-hand having to adjust to a different culture and to master a new language at school. She loves working with children, and one of her goals is to improve self-esteem. Once a child feels more confident and at ease while working with Elisabeth, he or she will be more open to communicating with others in Dutch.

Anita Hensen

Anita Hensen is the YES school searcher and educational consultant. With an MA degree in management and organization she has worked as manager in several fields including day care and home care. She and her family with 3 children lived abroad for more than 6 years, so she knows how it feels to go through that insecure initial phase in a new country. Abroad she worked for a Dutch school.

Claudia Wage-Brans

Claudia Wag-Brans has more than 20 years of experience as a teacher in the Montessori education system. Beside being educated as a Montessori teacher she studied orthopedagogics, unfortunately that has just not resulted in a master degree because of her expanding family with 4 children.
She has been working as a teacher and as a special needs teacher and coordinator. In Haarlem, her residence, she has a practice for children with dyslexia.
In her childhood she has been moved all over the Netherlands and therefor knows what it is to adjust to a new environment every few years.
She loves to work with children, who describe her as a 'fun-teacher'.

Mieky van Schijndel

​Mieky van Schijndel is a free-lance marketingconsultant, worked in the (digital) communications industry for 20 years and studied cyber psychology​.
She is founder of Luana, a start up bringing vibrant hand-made African colours to peoples homes.
Having been an expat Mieky has experience living and adjusting the different cultures with her two children over the last 8 years. She knows what it is to built up a new life in a new environment. In Ireland and Nigeria she setup multiple child and school related initiatives and she just recently moved back to The Netherlands with her family.

Annelous Wetzels

Annelous has multiple years experience in HR/ recruitment in combination with living abroad in 3 different continents (Europe, Asia & Africa) for over 16 years .
She recently returned with her family to the Netherlands and since then dedicated to help other globe trotters to settle in the Netherlands as a relocation coördinator/ educational consultant and school searcher.
As a mother of four young children she knows exactly what a challenge it is to arrive and to start over and over again in new countries with their different cultures, habits and uncertainties. Because of that she feels that it is important that the relocation process in this case the school search will go as smooth as possible so you do not have to worry too much and will feel welcome in the Netherlands.

Eliane van Oosten Slingeland

My name is Eliane Slingeland. I live in Rotterdam with my husband and two young daughters. Until recently I was an expatriate myself living and working in Cyprus and Singapore. Before my experience abroad I also worked as a housing agent for 10 years in Amsterdam.  Due to my own experience abroad, and as a mum who had to find her way in a new city, I bring relevant life experience as a Relocation Consultant. I find great joy in meeting new people and I am really looking forward to helping you with your exciting move to the Netherlands and helping you navigate the Dutch educational system in the area of Rotterdam, Den Haag & Delft.