Dutch lessons

Moving to the Netherlands with your children is a great adventure! A lot of expats prefer to enrol their children in local Dutch schools as the education system is good and it is a positive way to integrate in the Dutch culture. To help your children integrate as quickly as possible, Young Expat Services offers custom-made language programs according to your child’s needs and wishes in the first weeks of school.

Even if your children go to an international school, we recommend they take Dutch lessons. This way, children will have a basic knowledge of the Dutch language to communicate while playing with friends or practicing sports.

Young Expat Services developed a programme for non-Dutch speakers according to the TPR method (Total Physical Response): learning by doing. A custom-made programme according to your wishes and your child’s needs. Some children want to integrate in the playground as soon as possible and they are eager to understand the playground games and social rules. Others want to be able to keep up with the Dutch children in class as soon as possible. Whatever their goals, we will develop a program containing pre-teaching and Dutch reading and writing. Both programs are always developed in close consultation with teachers and parents. We often work with the children in school.