In-company presentations

We offer several presentations on the following topics:

Understanding the Dutch school system
The Dutch education system explained
Finding the right international school
The different educational philosophies
Differences: Dutch, international & bilingual schools
How to find the right school
Voorschoolse, VVE, pre-school

Cultural differences in a Dutch school
Cultural shock theory
Cultural differences (concerning your children) in school & how to deal with them
How to read a Dutch school report
How to celebrate a party for children
Practical cultural things e.g. cycling, swimming lessons & parties.
How to deal with Special Needs in a Dutch school
Q & A

Working on the self-esteem of your child
How to improve the self-esteem of your child in a new country?
How to praise a child
How to stimulate your child
Making your child independent
How to listen to children so they will talk

Raising Bilingual Children
What does bilingual or multi-lingual mean
How to raise bilingual children
School impact on different languages
Myths of being multi-lingual
How does the brain of children work when learning a new language
Role of the mother-tongue and more…

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