Returning to the Netherlands

“When you go abroad, you expect everything to be new and different,” says Tina Quick, author of “The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition.” And when you return home, you expect life to be basically the same. “But you have changed, and things back home have changed since you’ve been gone,” she says.

We work for the following companies:, Vopak, RIPE Network Coordination Centre, Broadstreet & Amsterdam in business.

Young Expat Services wants to help both you & your employees:

– Giving advice before coming to the Netherlands about the Dutch Cito tests, IQ tests & applying to secondary schools
– Giving information about the adaptation process of children going back to a Dutch local school
– Information for children with Special Needs & dyslexia moving back to the Netherlands
– Latest news & development (per Dutch region this could vary) on new rules for applying to schools and the tests involved
– Making an overview of the quality & waiting lists of local schools in the neighbourhood
In addition  to all the above knowledge, all employees of YES are experienced in living abroad and moving back to the Netherlands with their family. If necessary we can also help your child catch up with Dutch by offering a course in tailor-made Dutch lessons.

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