School packages

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Increase your chance of a successful move to the Netherlands for your families with our school packages.

Q & A about moving to the Netherlands with your child and going ‘local’
Q & A about the Dutch/International schooling system, pre-schools (VVE), day care and language classes
Skype & face time calls before arrival to NL, during your stay and after your decision
List of available local or international schools according to your wishes (& our quality checks) in combination with house search
Advice on lottery strategies (Amsterdam/Haarlem)
Help with filling out application forms
Information & help with child care benefit
Accompanied school visits & help with the decision making process
First day of school preparations
One package per child
School search including accompanied visits
€ 1.280 € 640
Skype call (before arriving to the Netherlands)
Navigate the Dutch pre school system
Check for available places
Make appointments for visits at pre schools (without accompaniment YES)
Help with registration
Check if VVE is an option
Check contracts
One package per child
€ 640
Dutch lessons in the first 6 weeks of school
An intake with parents (to state your wishes)
10 hours of Dutch lessons in the school (during a period of 6 weeks)
Weekly update by phone or email about the progress of your child
Close contact with teachers about the progress & well being of your child
Tips & Tricks for teachers to help your child settle quickly in class
Help with settling in the Netherlands including homesickness of the children
Support parents in finding their way in & around school
A soft landing for both parents and children
One package per child
€ 1120

For more information, please contact Eline Hausel at +31(0)6 143 666 27