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Experts on the
Dutch school system

Experts on the
Dutch school system



Close relationships
with schools

Close relationships
with schools

Personal expat

Personal expat

School search

School search

We help expats find the right school or pre-school for their child in The Netherlands

You are about to move to The Netherlands, but you have not found the appropriate (pre) school for your child yet. This is how our school search services work:
1. Information

During an information call we will discuss your wishes and provide you with information on the Dutch and international schooling system, pre-schools, daycare and language classes.

2. Available schools

Based upon your wishes we will make a selection of schools which best suits your child’s needs and living area preferences. After our quality checks we'll give you a list of available local or international schools (if available).

3. Visit

In The Netherlands, admittance is often restricted to those who live in the school’s zip code area. We can accompany you by visiting various schools, give insights into the differences between the schools and help you make the best suitable choice for your child.

4. Registration

We will support you with the registration to your selected school.
We place over 400 children per year, from age zero till eighteen. So this will either be a primary school, a secondary school, a pre-school or a day-care. Of course we are also more than happy to help with the first-day-of-school preparations.



30 minutes Q & A call on:

  • Schools
  • Daycares & preschools
  • Universities in NL
  • Raising bilingual children ...
  • Moving with children
  • Dutch school reports
  • Advice on lottery system in your city
  • Or any other school related questions

A consult to answer all your questions about (international) schools, preschools, and daycares

  • How to make the right choices
  • Dutch or international school
  • Different educational systems
  • Dutch grades vs other grades ...
  • Explaining all the different school systems
  • After the call, you’ll receive a school advisory report (10-13 pages) with a summary of the call and extra information (childcare allowance, links to schools, etc.)
  • A step to pursue the school search on your own
  • Optional: extend to a silver package
  • An information call about the Dutch & international schooling system
  • List of available schools according to your wishes
  • Close contact with our education expert
  • Decision making on first a house or first a school
  • Organizing school visits (max 3) ...
  • Preparing the school visits
  • Finalizing the school and the applications
  • An information call about the preschool/day care system
  • List of available pre-schools/day cares according to your wishes
  • Close contact with our education expert
  • Decision making on first a house or first a day care
  • Make appointments for visits to pre-schools/day cares (max 3) ...
  • Help with preparing the visits (checklists)
  • Finalizing preschool /daycare
  • Check your contract and pricing
  • Explain the childcare allowance

School search gold

  • Including accompanied school visits
  • Information call about the Dutch & international schooling system
  • List of available schools according to your wishes
  • Decision-making on first a house or first a school? ...
  • Organizing school visits (max. 3)
  • Information about moving to The Netherlands with children
  • Moving to a different country: what effects may this have? We will offer tips, tricks and share experiences with you.
  • Advice on lottery strategies
  • Quality checks on schools
  • YES checklist offered to guide you during the visits
  • Help with the decision making process
  • Help with filling out application forms
  • Information and help with childcare benefits
  • Skype and Facetime calls to keep you updated
  • First day of school preparations
  • Information call about moving to NL with a child with special needs 4 - 18 yrs old
  • Explanation about Dutch/International School System & special needs schools and how to get accepted.
  • School availablity consultation ...
  • Special needs in a Dutch/International school (how it works)
  • Assistance in application completion
  • School inspection report research
  • Arrange appointments to 2 schools (if available)
  • Arrange appointments with municipality, special needs facilities
  • An experienced YES educational consultant will assist you at the school visits
  • Checklist/guide for your appointments at schools
  • First day of school preparations
  • Unlimited emails with a consultant
  • Finding the right school for your child with a special need can take a long time in the Netherlands. We recommend to start the school search as soon as possible

One hour call contents:

  • Explanation HBO/WO
  • International vs Dutch courses/students
  • List of available schools according to your wishes

Written report contents:

  • Summary of the meeting
  • Customized lists of universities and courses
  • A ‘to do’ list for the student to apply


Research has shown that accompanying spouses & children increases the chances of success!
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