Booking.com satisfaction data
In 2016 the services of YES scored an average of 4.28 out of 5. These data are based on 54 new hires who filled in the survey during 2016.


We had a wonderful experience with YES.  From the moment we first engaged with YES, it was clear that YES was here to provide bespoke personalised service to suit our needs and desires, and their recommendations reflected our objectives of allowing our young kids (5 & 3 years old) to learn Dutch language and culture but set in an internationally diversified environment and curriculum.  The first school YES recommended became our top choice and we managed to successfully find a place (transfer into Group 1/2) with minimal headache.  The advice of YES on the process was extremely helpful and clear.  Furthermore, our experience with Elisabeth at YES who provides language and cultural assimilation assistance for kids during their first months has also been a great pleasure.  Overall, we would greatly recommend the services that YES provides to anyone transitioning into Amsterdam from abroad.
Family Hui, December 2017

Florencius International School heeft na wat (gebouwgerelateerde) tegenslagen eindelijk een start weten te maken. Eline en Anita van Young Expat Services hebben daarbij een zeer belangrijke rol gespeeld. Door hun inzicht in de behoeften van Expatfamilies, hun netwerk en hun kennis van zowel het Nederlandse, als het Internationale speelveld èn door de inzet van hun enorme enthousiasme in het voorbereidingsproces van onze International School, zijn we in staat geweest om een geweldige basis te leggen voor de International School die we willen zijn. Met een geweldige hands-on mentaliteit hebben ze niet alleen met ons meegedacht, maar ook onderzoek gedaan, scholen bezocht, potentiële internationale leerkrachten gescreend en ga zo maar door. Eline en Anita, dank je wel daarvoor en ik hoop dat we elkaar nog veel tegen zullen komen in het veld!
Gerwin Kets (deputy head) Florencius International School January 2018

We were very pleased with the help we received from everyone at YES. Because we had unique situation – an older child who attended an internationale taalklas and a younger child who went straight into a Dutch primary school – we really relied on YES. They cared deeply about our children and our family. And it was important to them that our kids flourished outside of school, too. We knew that we could talk with them about anything and we really appreciated that. Without YES, our first year in the Netherlands would have been much more difficult. We are very grateful for their help.
John and Jena Hubbard, Booking October 2017

I want to say “thank you” to Eline and Elisabeth so many times!  When you come to different country especially with kids, it’s so hard not to get confused in different processes, like finding a good school and putting you baby in it. But thanking to you, that process was not so hard. Eline consulted me which school would be better for us, taking into consideration that my older boy doesn’t know Dutch. I was very pleased that she not just found me the nearest school to my home, but the best school, where teachers were so interested in a new boy, who’s not speaking Dutch. By the way, Eline helped me to speak with headmaster of the school and fill all the papers there. I want to write separately about Elisabeth, because she is just amazing! For the first days when my boy didn’t want to go to new school where he didn’t know anyone, she came there to meet him 6 times. And she taught him Dutch during the games. That was so good! He loved that so much! I told him that Elisabeth will wait for you at school and he was changing his mind and was going to school with a smile. Elisabeth knows how to open children’s heart. So, thank you again. It was a please to know you.

Iuliia Izhetska, June 2017 

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all the effort you have put in to help my daughter with a school in the Netherlands. You have been very pro-active from the day I decided to move to the Netherlands and helped me make the right choice with schools for my little one. I know we had to change mid-way from a school in Hilversum to Haarlem, but you still made sure I got a place at Haarlem. If not for you, I would still be struggling to find a good place for my daughter. Thanks a Ton!!! I am grateful for the assist provided by you and the YES group.

Vinod Shankar, Booking, May 2017
Moving to the The Netherlands was a big challenge for us, mainly because we were worried about our oldest son, Davi. With the help of Anita (school search) and Elizabeth & Claudia (Dutch lessons & help with integrating into the Dutch school culture) we found the right school for both our children.  All these services before &  during his adaptation period was a very pleasant experience. My children enjoyed the guidance from both Claudia & Elisabeth, became more confident and started to enjoy going to school here in The Netherlands. We would like to thank you for what you have done for our children.
Family Diethelm, Booking.com, May 2017 

Thanks for the great support!
Fabricio and Priscilla Booking.com, May 2017

From our first meeting, Eline at Young Expat School  was easy to talk with, direct, clear and concise, and incredibly helpful.  Eline was integral in my understanding of the Dutch education system.  She provided me with valuable information, contacted me about key actions, contacted voorschools on my behalf, and aided me in registering my son for preschool.  She will continue to provide support to our family when my son is ready to register for a primary school at the age of three.  I am so grateful for her assistance!  I cannot imagine navigating these crucial decisions without her advice and support.  Thank you so much!!
Megan Castello Booking.com, May 2017

Thank you very much for finding us a place at this daycare, that was the most stressfull part of the relocation 😉
Claire Herbe, August 2016

Me and my husband came from Spain one year ago with three kids, aged 3, 7 and 9. With the suppport of the Partner Program of Booking.com, Anita and Eline at YES have helped us even before we came, to set our kids in the dutch education system. They were there for us at all times, with video conferences and personal interviews, starting from knowing our kids individually, their interests and personalities and understanding us together as family, in order to meet our needs in terms of education. They helped us to find the best school for them, supported in all the administration, with the school search and were there to explain how the dutch education system works, and what we could expect. Our experience has been a fantastic one. They suggested that our older kids start in a termporary school for one year to learn the dutch language, and for the little one, they found place for her at a great Kindergarden. If we had any problem we could also contact them at any time and they would speak to the schools translating our worries and helping us understand the dutch culture.

The kids were happy since the beginning and now they are prepared to enter the dutch national school. We are confident that the school choice that we made with their help is the best. Once they start, they will also help our kids with their integration in the dutch system with dutch lessons for some weeks, individual coaching, paperwork, and cultural integration strategies. One thing we spoke about is the ‘buddy’ system, so that our foreign kids don’t feel appart and have the sense of belonging so they can find their way accompanied by a fellow student during their integration process. We are very happy to have had the support of Anita and Eline and feel thankful, since one of the most complicated challenges of moving to a new country is that our children feel good and comfortable with the change and feel this is their new home.
Paola and Carlos, July 2015

Young Expat Services helps our re-pats with returning to the Netherlands after living abroad for some time. She guides them through the Dutch system and tells them all the new developments in the Dutch education that could be of importance for their children. With all the experience of Young Expat Services our families get to take the right decisions for their children, find good schools and give them a ‘soft landing’ in Holland again. A worthy service that makes our employees happy.
Anita de Wreede, HR Vopak, Rotterdam March 2016

Would be delighted to recommend to all of you in need for professional help in the guidance of exploring and finding a daycare/school for your little once – Young Expat Services. Their professional attitude and care not only will direct you to your right choice, but also you will feel secure in their work and decisions.
We are very glad that Young Expat Services was our support in our child life decisions and we highly recommend them to anyone with positive experience guaranted.
Biljana and Orce Dimitrovski Booking.com, Jan. 2016

YES has relocated over 100 families for Booking.com. They accompanied our new employees & their families from A-Z in finding (local) schools, guided them through the Dutch School System and helped them in the first weeks of settlement in the Netherlands by giving Dutch lessons. This service increases the chances of success of the move. Young Expat School gives a personal touch to their service and puts the children in the first place and makes sure the family gets a “soft landing”.
Vera Hoffman Global Mobility Manager Booking.com, Dec. 2015

Moving to another country with your family is a big thing. And so is moving back home after living abroad in several countries for almost 10 years. You suddenly realize how much has changed in your own country. What schools to choose from, how to help your children settle in and getting accustomed to speaking their native language again? When moving abroad there is often good support but what about coming back to your home country? Having Eline to support us in finding the right schools for our children was therefore a great help for us. First we had a phone call where I could share all my questions and concerns. Because Eline went through the same experience with her family a few years ago she was able to share many helpful tips and give an honest and realistic picture of what to expect. After our initial chat I felt a lot more at ease and prepared. I asked Eline to help me find a school that would best fit our kids. Eline has a really large network which she uses to get information about schools directly from other parents. For our family she made a program to visit 6 primary schools in the area where we planned to live. It was really great to have Eline join me during the interviews with the head masters of the different schools. We could complement each other and her very open and professional attitude made these visits very pleasant and insightful. Based on this we were really well prepared to make a decision and select the best school for our children. Since our move half a year ago now, we all settled in quite well. Of course the kids have to work extra hard, are following extra Dutch lessons and are sometime missing the international school, but I can say that with the support from Eline we definitely made the right decision. I would highly recommend her service!!
Tanja Kamp-van der Krogt , Dec. 2015

Mrs Hausel is some kind of a very talented and good teacher. As we moved to Netherlands, we had troubles with the language. Moreover, we went to a school where it is difficult to study at even for some Dutch people Mrs Ellen helped us a lot. She tries to get acquainted with the kids right away, she talks not about the lessons but also about stuff in general. Mts Ellen always gives correction when you talk if you are not quite correct grammatically. She has a lot of advice and different games aiding the language learning, tables, etc. She was teaching us for three months, but the results started to show up immediately. Mrs Ellen always helped us to do our homework and get prepared for the tests. This is why for one particular presentation and one test we got the best scores in the class. As a result, our final marks for the semester were higher that of some classmates who are the native speakers! Also, the book presentation that she helped me to prepare was a great success not only with our teacher but also our classmates. Also, she knows English well which is a big advantage for the parents who do not speak Dutch. She talks to the teachers in school and can help not only with Dutch but with biology and geography as well! Mrs Eline is a very pleasant woman, can talk about whereabouts, bring you fun, in short, she is very pleasant to deal with. You will not be mistaking if you choose here as a private teacher for your kid!

Nasya and Dasha Booking.com,  14 years, Dec. 2015

Working with Anita was a pleasure. Her clear explanation about the Dutch system was very helpful. She helped us find a good school and with her guidance we found our way to get him into the Dutch immersion class. But also for our 3-year-old daughter her help was much appreciated. She found a pre-school in a short time and was supportive in the VVE indication process. I can highly recommend here when you are moving to the Netherlands. Professional and quickly the information that you need with a understanding of all insecurities you can have moving to a new country.
Marie-Jose La Riviere Booking.com, Nov. 2015

Working with Eline and Anita was very refreshing in a crucial time for us. They were able to lift so much of the burden of the “unknown” shortly after we arrived in Netherlands. We were at an impasse with a decision on my child’s admission and if it were not for the knowledge, quick thinking and fast interaction with these ladies, we would have considered moving away. They made us feel like it wasn’t just a service to them but something personal and they treated us as such making us feel really special. Their diligence and going the extra mile leads me to highly recommend them. In fact, 6 months later and I’m still recommending them to anyone that I feel could use their services and I will continue to be an advocate of theirs.
Asia Hendrick, Dec. 2015

About the school search, I can say that your help was essencial to help us making the right decisions regarding our children’s education.
We didn’t know where to begin as we had just arrived in the Netherlands and didn’t speak dutch, but not only you showed us the best school options for our kids but also arranged meetings with the schools’ directors and came with us to visit the schools. Because of all your support and expertise the process of choosing a new school in Amsterdam for our children was much less complicated that I could have ever imagined. Thank you!
Big Hugs,
Heloisa Amsterdam, Oct. 2015

We also like how our child learns new words, from what we can see it goes very fast.
From time to time in the morning he asks us if Elisabeth will come :)!
Andrew Tokarev Booking.com, Nov. 2015

Thank you very much for your time and the dedication you shown teaching our kids. Your attitude deserves the highest praise! Our kids had one more reason to go to school on the days you would be there on – as opposed to the other reasons they come up with every day not to go there.
It was a pleasure and valuable experience alike reading your feedbacks-reports.
Vadym Kyrylyuk Booking.com, Sept. 2015

We want to thank you for the great job you did with Giusy. Each lesson was a funny and interesting experiment and Giusy had a lot of fun learning new words. We appreciated a lot your creativity in teaching this new language using different methods and stimulus. I can remember when our floor was full of small animals to teach Giusy their name or when you cooked together lekker chocolate muffins. Giusy told me also that she was very happy when you went together to the supermarket or when you went by bike around Hilversum. Again many thanks for your professional and smart style to teach this new language because Giusy learnt a lot without thinking that it was a lesson but a funny moment to experiment new situations, new aspects in this new life here in Netherlands.
foto Guisy

Ornella Pasquale & Giusy, April 2015 

Eline and her team were of incredible help with our relocation from the US – their support started while we were in the US and needed to make the decision to move to the Netherlands and it is still ongoing (we are now already 2 month in Amsterdam).  We have kids in both primary and secondary school with some very specific learning needs –  the team helped us understand the details of the Dutch school system, provided specific advise on what schools to consider and supported  us with the decision making. We still enjoy the Dutch lessons provided by Young Expatschool and our kids are looking forward to it every week – Elisabeth does magic in engaging the kids and teaching them the language in a fun way after a long day at school. I can only recommend to engage with the Young Expatschool team if you consider moving to the Netherlands.
Judith Yaaqoubi Booking.com, Feb. 2015

Being a teacher, school was one of my main concerns when we relocated. Before the trip, Anita already got in contact with us via Skype and we talked about many important issues regarding playgroups and schools. I had done an active research on the Internet, but not being able to speak Dutch, her help was invaluable. Our daughter was already three so there weren’t that many options available for us when we enroled her. However, Anita helped us explore all of them and we visited four schools in one day! It was exhausting but worthwhile! I really appreciate the way she guided and advised us. She reminded us of questions we should ask at schools and made the experience comforting and reassuring, which help us make a decision we are very satisfied with.
Maria, September 2014

Het Expatkamp, voor mij als ouder de ideale manier om de Nederlandse taal net even die extra boost te geven zonder dat ik mijn kind hoef te vertellen dat ze alweer naar school moet. Sport en spel in combinatie met het vrijheidsgevoel wat zo moeilijk is na te bootsen in het buitenland. Op de fiets naar de Larense hockeyclub, kamperen in het bos, poffertjes bakken en ook nog Nederlands leren en dat alles met andere kinderen uit het buitenland. Een wereldervaring in Nederland waar mijn dochter na afloop al gelijk riep: “mag ik volgend jaar weer”.
Lorissa Salomons 2013, Istanbul

Posted on Facebook
A happy and sad day for Tilly – her last Dutch lesson with the lovely Eline Hausel who has helped my daughter grow in confidence over the last 9 months, settle into school and our new life here. Many thanks Eline, Tilly (and I) will miss you x
Sarah Pendrick  Booking.com , March 2014

Eline was an invaluable resource to us and our daughter during her first months of entry into the Dutch public school system. Our daughter immediately trusted Eline, who provided guidance, encouragement, and instruction in not only the Dutch language but the culture and customs of a primary school classroom in The Netherlands. This extra bit of help went a long way to making our daughter feel at first comfortable, and ultimately eager and excited about going to school. Our daughter always looked forward to “Eline Day”! Furthermore, Eline’s frequent communication about the sessions and our daughter’s progress were very reassuring for us as a parents. We highly recommend Eline’s services to any expat who is placing a child into the Dutch school system.
Karl & Leah Wachter Booking.com, April 2014

Being an expat adds so much positive and sometimes negative stress at the beginning that sometimes it can be hard to handle everything on your own. And it is even more challenging for kids. When life changes just in one day and you’re put in terms where you should adapt quickly it is essential to have somebody who can answer all your questions, give a good advice conduct and support. Moreover “you never have a second chance to make a first impression”, so we’re so happy that Eline and Elisabeth from Young Expat Services made an excellent introduction to a Dutch school system, helped to choose the school, taught some tricks of how to make it easier for our kids, i.e. made an excellent impression of the country and its nice people.
As a parent I was fascinated by the educational approach and ability to grab kids attention in no time. My son is always so exited about the language classes with Elisabeth! She has won his heart definitely. You’ll never question professionalism because with Elisabeth you feel and know for sure that its not just a job but true affection to kids.
And I’m very grateful to Eline for helping us to find a very nice school and arranging everything, for all that support and information given beyond my expectations.
Valery Rudenchenko Booking.com, May 2014