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Cito test, doorstroomtoets Netherlands | What is it? | How does it work?

In their final year of primary school, typically at 12 years old and in Group 8, all students undertake a national aptitude test known as the “Doorstroomtoets (CITO test)”.

This test evaluates what students have learned throughout their eight years of primary education.

Participation in the test, held annually in April, is mandatory for all primary schools.

Before the test, the Group 8 teacher assesses each student to determine the most suitable level of secondary education. This assessment considers your child’s overall test scores, intelligence, learning attitude, interests, and more.

The teacher’s recommendation plays a crucial role, combined with the test results, in guiding students toward the appropriate level of secondary education.

Here’s the Group 8 timeline:

  • January: Preliminary advice from the teacher
  • February: Students take the Doorstroomtoets
  • March 15: Doorstroomtoets scores are released
  • March 24: Final school advice is given
  • End of March: Registration for secondary school based on the final advice

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