What is the best school in the Netherlands?

What is the best school in the Netherlands?

We understand you would like to find the ‘best’ school for your child.

This is the first question internationals always ask us.

But are you aware that you should try to look for a school with experience with ‘Dutch as a second language’ rather than a very high-end test score (like CITO)?

High CITO or IEP score schools often have a majority of Dutch children in their school and less experience with internationals.

A high CITO score often says more about the population of families than about the quality of education.

For you, as an international, you should try to find a school that is more open to internationals, open to communicating in English and that has experience with learning Dutch as a second language as well as experience with cultural differences.

YES! can help you find the right school for your children.

Feel free to book an education advisory call with us.

Also, read Dutch or International school? and/or The best international schools in the Netherlands.

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