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Podcast YES: find a school in the Netherlands.

Eline Hausel is the founder of Young Expat Services or YES. Through Young Expat Services, Eline dedicates herself to helping families from abroad who have established themselves in the Netherlands due to their work. She helps parents find the right school for their child, organizes language lessons and helps with general integration into Dutch culture. […]

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Study in the Netherlands

Studying in the Netherlands is very popular. Dutch universities perform well. Almost all research universities in the Netherlands score within the top 100 worldwide. Why is Holland so interesting for international students? Wide Range of English Programmes Value for money Teaching Style Big international community Great Career opportunities English Programmes The Netherlands is one of […]

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Should I enrol my child in a Dutch school? 6 factors to help you decide (from an expert)

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to send your child to a Dutch school or an international school in the Netherlands. We spoke with Anita Hensen, a Dutch education expert from Young Expat Services (YES), to find out how expat parents can make the best choice for their families. Not only did […]

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Dutch or International School, what’s best for your child?

“Our family moved to the Netherlands from Dubai, where we had lived for 10 years,” says expat family Hewitt. “One of the decisions we faced concerned education for our two boys. In Dubai our children attended a private school. Our children loved the school and, aside from the cost, we were also pleased. We researched […]

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Tips for helping your child adjust to a new school

Change can be difficult for kids and starting at a new school – in a different country no less – can be tough. Before sending them off for their first day of school in the Amsterdam Area, brush up on some tips to make the transition easier. Making the change easier Starting a new school […]

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Looking for a school for your child/children? A Dutch public school might be the answer

Many internationals moving to the Netherlands will consider sending their children to international schools. These schools offer internationally-recognised curricula such as International Baccalaureate (IB), American or British programmes. These are good options if your stay in the Netherlands is short-term (unless you plan to move to Belgium). But if you plan for an extended stay […]

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Surviving Dutch school, traditions and habits

Moving to another country can be challenging. Especially if you also have kids. Should your child go to an international school or a local Dutch school? What types of education can you choose from? If you have these questions and more about the Dutch school system, Young Expat Services can help you out! From helping […]

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‘Bootcamp’ voor Nederlandse expat kinderen.

Eline Hausel runt een ‘bootcamp’ voor Nederlandse expat kinderen waar ze de huidige schoolcultuur aanleren, nieuwe Nederlandse liedjes mee leren zingen, Nederlandse kost voorgeschoteld krijgen en waar ze ook het nodige leren met betrekking tot gangbare Nederlandse vloekwoorden.   Read full article

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Geen plek op de internationale school? Dan komt de expat niet

De internationale scholen zitten helemaal vol en er zijn flinke wachtlijsten. Dat is niet goed voor Nederland als vestigingsland. Dus doen de overheid en ondernemers er nog een schepje bovenop. Read full article

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International education vs. Dutch schools

Should international newcomers in the Amsterdam Area send their children to an international school? Or are local Dutch schools the answer? Read full article

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Going local: Dutch public schools for expat families

“Our family moved to Amsterdam from Dubai, where we had lived for 10 years,” says expat family Hewitt. “One of the decisions we faced concerned education for our two boys.” Read full article

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Local vs. International School: Choosing the Best Option for Your Family

When moving to The Netherlands with children, your first plan might be to send them to an international school. International schools offer curricula that are recognized around the world and the language of instruction is usually English. Read full article

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Dutch schools: What to expect when you go “local”

Young Expat Services (YES) are educational specialists, helping families relocate to the Netherlands. YES can help you with finding the right school for your child(ren), whether it’s a local school or an international school. Read full article

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Interview in Amsterdam Mama’s

For expatriates moving to the Netherlands for the first time or Dutch families returning to their homeland, Young Expat Services provides personalised packages, tailored to the client’s requirements, to meet their child’s educational and linguistic needs. The colourful, easy to navigate website,, displays the various services available, which include detailed information about the educational […]

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Het Expatkamp van YES in het Jeugdjournaal – juli 2015:

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