First a school or first a house when relocating to the netherlands

First a house or first a school? when relocating to the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands? The decision between choosing a home and a school for your children is crucial.

Via our school relocation services for the Netherlands, you can get help from our education consultants to find the best solution.

You probably don’t want to commute a long distance between the school and your house, so it’s important to find a suitable school near your new wonderful home or the other way around.

But what should come first – the school or the house?

  • If you are convinced you want to have your child attend an international school we recommend to start finding the international school first and then a house.
  • Going local? Then find a house first and then a school. Most of the language immersion classes want you to have an address before you can register.

Navigating this transition can be challenging, but remember, YES is here to guide you every step of the way.

Which question do you still have about choosing first a house or a school?

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