Lunch primary school Netherlands

Lunch primary school Netherlands | What you need to know

In Dutch primary schools, it’s typical for students to have a lunch break during the school day.

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How does it work?

🍎🥪 Home-packed lunch: Your child would have to bring a packed lunch from home. This could include sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, and other typical lunch items.

🍎🥪 Lunch break: Schools usually have a designated time for lunch, during which students can eat and socialize. The length of the lunch break can vary.

🍎🥪 Supervision: There is often an in-between school care for supervision during lunch. These caretakers supervise the children during lunch and outside play. Costs are around 200 euro per year. Some schools have the teachers as supervision.

🍎🥪 Canteen or cafeteria: In primary Dutch schools there are no canteens or cafeteria’s. Children can not heat their lunch. Your kid would have to bring their own packed lunch. The children eat at their own desk.

🍎🥪 Healthy eating initiatives: In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on promoting healthy eating habits in schools. Some schools may implement policies to encourage nutritious lunches and snacks.

Practices can vary, and individual schools may have their own rules and routines regarding lunch. 🍎🥪

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