Schooling in the Netherlands

Schooling in the Netherlands | Navigating the system

In the Netherlands, the pathway of a child in school unfolds through various stages:

📚 Primary Education: A foundational 8-year journey that shapes the early learning experience of children.

🏫 Secondary Education: Depending on the school type, this can range from 4 to 6 years, paving the way for vocational or higher education.

🎓 Further Education: After secondary school, students have the choice to pursue vocational education or enter higher education institutions.

🔍 Diverse School Options: The Dutch education system includes both public and private institutions. While public schools cater to a general curriculum, private institutions often follow the same curriculum with smaller classes and more guidance for the children.

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📹 For a detailed look into the Dutch secondary school system, check out this informative video that gives you a great explanation:

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