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What is a funded international school? | Philosophy

What is a funded international school? In this article you will learn about Dutch International Schools (DIS) for children of mobile families: bilingual programs, global adaptability, fees, and insights into bilingual schools in the Netherlands.

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A funded international school

Dutch International Schools (DIS) provide international education for children 4-19 years old of international mobile families.

The schools offer a variety of international programs, enabling students to continue their education anywhere in the world.

They teach in English, celebrate home languages and make sure our students also learn Dutch. Often 1-2 hours per week.

DIS currently consists of more than 20 primary schools, the Dutch International Primary Schools (DIPS) and nearly 20 secondary schools, the Dutch International Secondary Schools (DISS). The schools are located in and around larger cities across the Netherlands.

Who are they for?

These schools are meant for children from international mobile families; students with foreign passports who are temporarily moving to the Netherlands with their families for work, and also students with Dutch passports returning with their families from a stay abroad.

School Fees

The fee varies between 4,500-8,000 euro per year per child. Check individual schools for their specific fees and entry policies.

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