How to get scholarship to study in the Netherlands?

How to get scholarship to study in Netherlands? | Master, Bachelor, University, PHD

Understanding Scholarships for Higher Education in the Netherlands.

While scholarships are available for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), it’s important to understand the specifics of these opportunities.

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Holland scholarship

  • The NL Scholarship, aimed at bachelor’s level students, offers a one-time amount of €5,000 and does not cover the full tuition.
  • Students can apply for this scholarship through participating universities and colleges in the Netherlands.
  • Be aware of outdated information online; some scholarships, such as the Orange Tulip, are no longer available.
  • For master’s level studies, various institutions offer additional scholarship options, for which you can apply directly at the school.

Information about the scholarships can be found via the below link

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