Bilingual schools Netherlands

Bilingual schools Netherlands | What do I need to know?

Bilingual schools are often the first topic international parents want to talk about, but it’s more complicated than you think.

What do you need to know about bilingual schools in the Netherlands?

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By law, all schools have to start teaching English no later than in group 7 (10 & 11-year-olds).

However, more and more schools choose to begin early foreign language education, often from 4 years old. In general, it is English as a subject, so it is an hour a week.

There are bilingual schools that split the curriculum between Dutch and (usually) English. For example, 30-50% of their curriculum may be taught in English.

Where can you find these schools?

List of bilingual schools Netherlands

Via the below lists, you can find the bilingual primary – and secondary schools in the Netherlands.

Bilingual primary schools Netherlands

🔸 Primary Schools: Throughout the Netherlands, there are only 19 primary schools appointed as national bilingual schools. More information in TPO:

List of bilingual secondary schools in Netherlands

🔸 Secondary Schools: Known as TTO, these offer extensive bilingual programs. Here’s the list:

📣 Note: Proficiency in Dutch is often a requirement.

One more thing to know.

In bilingual primary and secondary schools tests and exams are in Dutch. A bilingual school is not a light (and cheap) version of an international school.

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