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Can my child go directly to a Dutch school if they haven’t mastered the Dutch language yet?

Can my child go directly to a Dutch school?

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Here’s what you need to know about integrating your child into the Dutch school system if they haven’t mastered the Dutch language yet. 🇳🇱📘

🖍️ For children aged 4-6:
Little ones can dive straight into the Dutch educational system, even without Dutch language skills. Some cities might require them to start in a special newcomers’ class to pick up the language before they join a local Dutch school.

📚 For children aged 6-12:
Newcomers’ classes are offered at many schools throughout the Netherlands, catering to education for children aged 6 to 12 who have just arrived in the country and who speak little to no Dutch. After a year, they generally join their local Dutch school. (Note: registration policies can vary by city.)

🌐 For children aged 12+:
Starting from age 12, children new to the Netherlands without Dutch language proficiency are placed in an international class (internationale schakelklas, ISK). After about 1-2 years, they’ll be assessed and can transition to a regular Dutch school.

✨ Questions about finding the right Dutch learning path for children? YES is here to help.

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